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Hotel Safes

Online Hotel Rooms has recently purchased new Hotel Safes for each room in a number of our hotels, every few years we look to improve the products and services that we provide and one of them is providing good quality hotel safes in rooms so that our customers who are staying in any of our hotels have a safe.

This will allow our customers to be able to have a secure place to store their valuables. Simply Safes have been our supplier of Safes for a number of years, it was important for us to find a reliable source for our Hotel Safes and Simply Safes are a UK based supplier and offer a wide range of Safes not just for hotels but a variety of other safes that might come in useful for other businesses or home owners in the UK.

We found that the prices they charge for hotel safes were very competitive and the delivery of the safes was made within a few days and the whole process from start to finish was dealt with very professionally. As we have a number of Hotels in the UK it is important that we get quality safes in our room to make sure our customers can stay in our hotels safe in the knowledge that they have the best facility’s available.

This is important to us as over the years we have built up a reputation for the quality of our hotel rooms and we are always looking at ways to improve our service.

So if you are looking for Hotel Safes or any other type of safe have a look for as im sure you will be as happy with the level of service and quality of safes as we were.