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It is well worth taking your time when choosing holdalls – as they could be a mainstay of your travels for years to come.

Size matters, so take the time to work out what you will be using it for. Holdalls are great as weekend bags and as overnight bags, but whilst a weekend bag will suffice as an overnight bag, the reverse is not true.

The bigger the bag and it almost goes without saying the heavier it is and that is something else you need to take into account when using holdalls on aeroplanes as most carriers have very strict weight restrictions.

So let’s take the lowest common denominator, RyanAir who are at the forefront of the budget airlines who are hell bent on making the passenger pay for anything and everything after their ticket is purchased.

If you are looking for holdalls that will avoid all the extra charges, in other words, one that you can carry on and stow in the overhead lockers then make sure it does not exceed RyanAir’s stated maximums of 55 x 40 x 20cms.

However if it is a weekend bag that you need for hotel stays arrived at by other means of transport then the within reason there is a massive choice, not least at on line man bag specialists Blokesbags.

You can pay anything from £30 to nearly £500 for a bag so you need to decide first what your budget is as well as what material you would prefer it to be made out of.

Ballistic nylon is great, as is man made PU, but if you really want your bag to last and want to look the part when arriving in the hotel foyer then make sure you plump for leather. Not only will it look good when you first get it, it will improve with age.

Check out the Rowallan range in particular their oiled leather holdalls that soften and age gracefully. If you want them to look careworn, leave them alone, but if you want them to look new, use a sparing amount of leather polish.

Finally think about the colour. Black is great, but Blokesbags’ sell many more in brown – a ration of about eight to one, because black goes with certain outfits, whereas generally speaking brown goes with everything.

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